Important advice


  • If you want to visit or reside in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, please visit the website of Pakistan Embassy in Doha to obtain all the required information, knowing that Qatari citizens enjoy entry visa upon arrival services in Pakistan.

  • Check that the passport is valid: The passport must be valid for at least more than six months from the date of travel.

  • Visitor must have $1500 / credit card.


  • There are no vaccination requirements for visitors to Pakistan. (Regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic, please contact the relevant airlines for terms, conditions and requirements.)


  • Be careful when booking airline tickets and hotel rooms, you must rely only on trusted and legitimate agents or websites.

  • It is recommended not to travel with expensive items or large amounts of cash, and to use credit cards.

  • Comply with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and international travel rules.

  • Keep your passport, plane ticket and valuables in a safe place.

  • Do not give your passport or ID to anyone under any circumstances.


  • General Pakistani laws do not differ much from neighbouring countries, and the visitors from the Arab countries are welcomed here, and there is also leniency in dealing with them most of the time. Anyhow it is necessary to abide by traffic laws while driving and comply with general instructions.

  • It is forbidden to go for photography or to visit places that are prohibited, especially for foreigners, such as military places, prisons, etc.

  • Hunting is forbidden in Pakistan, especially for foreigners, except after obtaining approval from the relevant government authorities.